Dirt jumping

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**1. Dirt Jumping Basics:**

– Dirt jumping bikes are a specific kind of bike used in dirt jumping.
– DJ bikes are typically BMX bikes built with a longer top tube for dirt jumping.
– DJ bikes usually have rear v-brakes, though disc brakes are becoming common.
– DJ tires have heavy treads compared to park bikes.
– Wheel size for dirt jumping bikes is typically 26 inches, with gear ratios around 44:16.

**2. Types of Jumps:**

– Double jumps are common and consist of separate takeoff and landing mounds.
– Tabletops are favored by beginners and feature a flat table between takeoff and landing.
– Ski jumps are longer and flatter, used for jump length competitions.
– Rollers provide speed by pumping the jump.
– Step-ups are ramps before inclines for jumping to a raised landing.

**3. Dirt Jumping Evolution:**

– Dirt jumping evolved alongside BMX racing.
– It is similar to BMX racing but with larger jumps for higher air.
– The focus is on performing tricks with style rather than speed.
– Dirt jumping can be done on BMX bikes or specialized mountain bikes.
– Riders usually perform midair tricks between jumps.

**4. Safety and Equipment:**

– Dirt jump bikes have robust construction to withstand jumps.
– DJ frames may have short travel rear suspension for singlespeed use.
– Mountain bikes for dirt jumping have 24-26 inch wheels and firm suspension.
– BMX bikes for dirt jumping have reinforced rims and longer frames.
– Safety gear like helmets and pads are essential for protection.

**5. BMX Tricks:**

**Basic BMX Tricks:**

– Whip: Flicking back of the bike while keeping the front straight.
– Autistic Air: Pedaling forward one full rotation in the air.
– Cannonball: Taking both feet off pedals and grabbing the seat with both hands.
– Tuck No Hander: Both hands off handlebars, legs pinching top tube.
– Suicide No-hander: Hands behind back in the air, legs pinching seat.

**Advanced, Creative, Unique, and Innovative BMX Tricks:**

– Backflip, 360, Front flip, Barspin, Tail Whip.
– Nac-Nac, No footer, One foot can, No-footed Can-can, Toboggan.
– Superman, Superman Seatgrab, Nothing, 2-Star, 3-Star.
– Flair, Truck Driver, Decade, Orbital 360, California Roll.

Dirt jumping (Wikipedia)

Dirt jumping is the practice of riding bikes over jumps made of dirt or soil and becoming airborne. Dirt Jumping evolved alongside BMX racing and is similar to BMX or mountain bike racing in that the rider jumps off of mounds of dirt, usually performing a midair trick in between. It differs in that the jumps are usually much larger and designed to lift the rider higher into the air. Additionally, the goal is not to complete the course with the fastest time, but rather to perform the tricks with the style. Dirt jumping can be performed on BMX bikes or specialized mountain bikes known simply as "dirt jumpers".

A biker performing a dirt jump
Dirt jump biking at Beech Mountain, viewed from a chairlift (in slow-motion).
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