Recreational boat fishing

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– Fishing from a boat near land in water less than 30 meters deep
Boat sizes range from dinghies to small cabin cruisers
– Inshore boats are affordable and can be carried on trailers
– Anglers use rods between 6 and 10 feet with lines of 18 to 50 pounds
– Popular for targeting species like conger eels and small sharks

– Deep sea fishing in waters deeper than 30 meters
– Requires more knowledge of weather, navigation, and safety
– Offshore boats are larger, sturdier, and expensive to maintain
– Often chartered by recreational fishermen due to high costs
– Tackle for offshore fishing includes heavy sea rods and baits like squid and mackerel

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Recreational fishermen usually fish either from a boat or from a shoreline or river bank. When fishing from a boat, or fishing vessel, most fishing techniques can be used, from nets to fish traps, but some form of angling is by far the most common. Compared to fishing from the land, fishing from a boat allows more access to different fishing grounds and different species of fish.

Fly fishing from a dinghy
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