Outdoor gym

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– Types of outdoor gym equipment:
– Varies based on parks, locality, and visitors
– Can be categorized into strength training and fitness or resistance training
– Common installations include pull-up bars, balancing beams, parallel dip bars

– National fitness campaign pre-2008 Summer Olympics
– Over 20,000,000 square meters of outdoor gymnasiums
– A third of sports lottery funding allocated to outdoor gyms
– Increase in physical activity participation levels
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– India:
Outdoor gyms gaining popularity in New Delhi
– 40 sets installed by New Delhi Municipal Council in 2012
– Trending due to low popularity of traditional gyms
– Surrounding municipalities following suit
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– United Kingdom:
Outdoor gyms increasingly common in public parks and school playgrounds
– Over 400 spaces installed since 2007 by a main provider
– Prominent feature in UK’s fitness landscape
– Encourages outdoor physical activity
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Outdoor gym (Wikipedia)

An outdoor gym is a gym built outside in a public park, with the all-weather construction of its exercise machines somewhat modeled on playground equipment. It is similar to the 1960s–1970s proliferation of fitness trails, which continue to be created particularly in the US and Europe. In some instances, trails used for fitness are referred to as outdoor gyms.

Outdoor gym in Torremolinos, Spain
Facilities for elderly people
Sit-up Station in public housing estate, Hong Kong
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