Operation Sunshine (USS )

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– Cold War technology race between US and Soviet Union
– Tension over nuclear weapons and space race in late 1950s
– Successful launch of Sputnik I by Russia in 1957
– US Vanguard I satellite exploded before lift-off
– US lagged behind Soviets in rocket technology

– First nuclear submarine for US armed forces
– Designed by Admiral Hyman G. Rickover
– Hull built at Electric Boat Company in Groton, Connecticut
– Reactor built and tested in Idaho

– Nautilus tested advanced technology
– Considered submerged lap around Earth before North Pole idea
– First attempt in 1957 failed due to deep ice
– Successful North Pole passage in 1958
– Crew faced ice blockage and mechanical failures

– Book by Anderson & Keith on Cold War mission
– Study by Griffin on Operation Sunshine
– Naval History and Heritage Command reference
– Authority control databases used for research

– Scientific expeditions
United States Navy in the 20th century
– Operation Sunshine part of Cold War history
– Articles needing additional references
– Use of mdy dates and NARA identifiers

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