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**History and Administration:**
– National Geographic Magazine was founded in 1888 as a scholarly journal before transitioning into a popular magazine.
– The magazine introduced color photos in the 1910s and launched National Geographic Kids in 1975.
– Over the years, the editorial leadership evolved from a single editor to the current editor-in-chief model.
– Articles shifted focus to environmental issues post-acquisition by 21st Century Fox, with recent issues featuring shorter articles.
– The magazine faced copyright lawsuits but ultimately prevailed.

**Photography and Editors-in-chief:**
– National Geographic Magazine is renowned for its high standard of photography.
– The magazine’s photography became a trademark by 1910, utilizing advanced tools and introducing color photography in the early 1930s.
– The Grosvenor family held the editor-in-chief position for three generations until 1980.
– Past articles focused on scientific achievements and state resources, while recent ones are vocal on environmental issues and endangered species.
– The National Geographic Society introduced magazines with various thematic focuses.

**Circulation, Language Editions, and Discontinued Editions:**
– In 1995, the magazine had a global circulation of 6.5 million per month, with its Instagram page amassing 243 million followers.
– Language editions of National Geographic are active in numerous countries worldwide.
– Discontinued language editions include Mongolian, Greek, Ukrainian, Azerbaijani, and Latvian, among others.
– The magazine’s circulation in December 2023 was approximately 570,000, with significant changes in staff and sales strategies.

**National Geographic Maps and International Photography Competition:**
– National Geographic Maps became a division of the National Geographic Society in 1915, providing detailed and accurate cartographic information.
– The Society’s maps have been utilized by the U.S. government, including in President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s White House map room.
– An international photography competition was initiated in 2006, attracting participants from over eighteen countries.
– The competition aimed to showcase high-quality photojournalism, with National Geographic maintaining a high standard in both print and online photography.

**Awards, Controversies, and Milestones:**
– National Geographic has garnered numerous awards, including 25 National Magazine Awards by 2015 and recognition for reporting, photojournalism, and general excellence.
– The magazine has faced controversies over altered cover images and photo editing in competitions.
– Milestones include the publication of the first issue in 1888, the introduction of color photography in 1914, and the Society’s contributions to cartography and sponsored expeditions.
– The Society’s impact on public awareness of environmental issues and global cultural understanding has been significant, with a rich history of promoting conservation and education programs.

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