Music tourism

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– Music Festivals:
– Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is the largest music festival globally with nearly annual attendance.
– New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival features 12 stages and over 70 food booths showcasing Louisiana cuisine.
– Montreal International Jazz Festival, the largest jazz festival, attracts 2.5 million attendees annually.
– Love Parade in Germany, an electronic dance music festival, had a peak attendance of 1.6 million.
– Rio Carnival in Brazil and Salvador de Bahia carnival are major events attracting hundreds of thousands to millions of visitors.

– Music Tourism Destinations:
– New Orleans is a significant music tourism destination with historical influence on various music genres.
– Bayreuth in Germany, Vienna in Austria, and Aix-en-Provence in France are year-round music travel destinations.
– La Scala in Milan is renowned for opera and classical music performances.
– Britain is a popular destination for rock music enthusiasts.

– Music-Related Events:
– Notting Hill Carnival in London, UK, attracts around one million attendees annually.
– Annual carnivals like Rio Carnival, Salvador de Bahia carnival, and Love Parade offer music, dancing, and street parties.
– New Orleans music tours to Congo Square showcase the birthplace of jazz and American music.
– Various cities host jazz festivals worldwide, attracting millions of tourists each year.
– Estimated 10 million people travel internationally yearly for music or cultural festivals.

– Music Influence on Culture:
– New Orleans has influenced American opera, rock ‘n’ roll, and rhythm and blues music.
– Jazz Fest in New Orleans showcases a diverse range of American music styles.
– Music festivals play a significant role in promoting cultural exchange and tourism.
– Music has a profound impact on the cultural identity and heritage of various regions.
– Cultural festivals contribute to the preservation and celebration of music traditions.

– Music-Related References:
– Milan offers diverse accommodations for music tourists.
– Destinations like La Scala in Milan provide unique experiences for opera and classical music enthusiasts.
– References play a crucial role in guiding music tourists to relevant accommodations and events.
– Music-related references help tourists plan their trips to experience different music genres.
– Access to information about music destinations enhances the overall travel experience for music enthusiasts.

Music tourism (Wikipedia)

Music tourism is the act of visiting a city or town, to see a music festival or other music performances. This sort of tourism is particularly important to small villages such as Glastonbury, as well as large cities like Glasgow.

The fairly recent jam band phenomenon is a contemporary example that encourages music tourism. Music festivals are visited by many tourists annually.

The Artful Music Tourist Board is a movement, started to celebrate this, in 2003 by musicians and their friends at The Paradise Bar (now Royal Albert pub) in London, UK.

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