Meaning of adventurously in English

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– Definition of “Adventurously”:
– Adverb describing willingness to try new or difficult things
– Examples include trying new foods or casting diverse performers
– Encourages living or playing with risk and excitement
– Used in various contexts like shopping, cycling, and problem-solving
– Opportunities for adventure can be missed in urban settings

– Usage Examples of “Adventurously”:
– Walker has cast performers in an adventurously diverse manner
– Advocates for living life more adventurously
– Encourages playing more adventurously in soft play areas
– Information technology can be applied adventurously for returns
– Approaching life adventurously poses questions about its meaning

– Pronunciation of “Adventurously”:
– Phonetic spelling: /ədˈven.tʃər.ə (US) /ədˈven.tʃɚ.ə
– Audio pronunciation available for reference
– Translation direction options provided
– Word can be added to personal word lists
– Translation and additional resources available

– Contextual Usage of “Adventurously”:
– Brands are not always bought adventurously by consumers
– Helmets may not make cyclists ride more adventurously
– Freight problems not always tackled adventurously
– Law was used adventurously during the miners’ strike
– Adventurous play opportunities may be limited for urban children

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