Jason Lewis (adventurer)

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**Expedition 360 Achievements:**
– Jason Lewis and Stevie Smith embarked on Expedition 360 in 1994 from London.
– They completed the first human-powered circumnavigation by traveling over 60,000km.
– Crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a wooden pedal-powered boat was part of their journey.
– Lewis rollerbladed across North America and pedaled across the Pacific Ocean.
– The expedition covered various terrains like the Australian outback and the Indonesian archipelago.
– Guinness World Records recognized Lewis for his individual human-powered circumnavigation.
– Lewis and Smith were the first to cross the Atlantic Ocean by human power.
– Lewis achieved the first North American inline skates crossing and Pacific Ocean pedal power crossing.

**Media Recognition and TV Appearances:**
– Jason Lewis was featured on a BBC News segment titled ‘Around the world in 13 years.’
– His journey was showcased on CNN International, highlighting the human-powered circumnavigation.
– Various media outlets have documented Lewis’ expedition.
– Lewis’ television appearances have emphasized his achievements in human-powered travel.
– The video documenting his journey was republished by Rogers Yahoo Video.

**Challenges Faced During Expedition:**
– Lewis encountered challenges in Egypt and Sudan during the expedition.
– He faced restrictions from Egyptian authorities and was arrested on suspicion of spying.
– Navigating through Lake Nasser and riding at night to avoid restrictions were part of the challenges.
– During his journey through Sudan, Lewis met Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman.
– Despite legal and physical obstacles, Lewis successfully completed his expedition.

**Current Endeavors and Sustainability Advocacy:**
– In 2020, Lewis announced the GB360 journey to circumnavigate the UK and Ireland.
– The GB360 journey involves using a refitted Moksha, bike, and kayak to promote sustainability.
– Lewis and Stevens completed the Cymru360 leg, covering 650 miles in Wales.
– Future plans include circumnavigating Scotland or Ireland in 2022.
– Lewis continues to advocate for sustainable living and global citizenship through his expeditions.

**Additional Information and Resources:**
– Links to Jason Lewis’ official website, Expedition 360 website, and other relevant external sources.
– References to articles, journals, and videos related to Jason Lewis and his expeditions.
– Mention of related personalities like Erden Eruç and Aleksander Doba as well as topics like circumnavigation and mixed transportation circumnavigations.

Jason Lewis FRGS (born 13 September 1967) is an English author, explorer and sustainability campaigner credited with being the first person to circumnavigate the globe by human power. He is also the first person to cross North America on inline skates (1996), and the first to cross the Pacific Ocean by pedal power (2000). Together with Stevie Smith, Lewis completed the first crossing of the Atlantic Ocean from mainland Europe to North America by human power (1995).

Jason Lewis
Born (1967-09-13) 13 September 1967 (age 56)
Catterick, Yorkshire, England, UK
Occupation(s)Explorer, author, speaker
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