Henry Pittock

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Early Life and Family:
– Henry Lewis Pittock was born in London in 1835 or 1836.
– He moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at a young age before arriving in the Oregon Territory in October 1853.
– Pittock married Georgiana Martin Burton in 1860, and they had nine children, with six surviving to adulthood.
– The couple lived on a block of land known as the Pittock Block, which Henry purchased for $300 in 1856.
– Georgiana was the daughter of a flour mill owner.

Career in Publishing:
– Pittock started as a typesetter for the Oregonian in Portland and later took on managerial and editorial duties.
– He took over the Oregonian newspaper in 1861 and began daily publication of the Morning Oregonian.
– Pittock implemented cash payments for subscriptions and invested in new equipment and production procedures.
– His strategic decisions led to the dominance of the Oregonian in the Portland newspaper market.
– Pittock’s competitiveness and leadership skills were evident in his approach to the newspaper industry.

Mountain Climbing and Adventurous Spirit:
– Pittock is credited as the first white man to ascend Mount Hood in 1857, showcasing his love for outdoor adventures.
– He accomplished this feat with four friends, although there was a disputed claim by his employer, Dryer, regarding the ascent.
– Pittock’s mountain climbing expedition exemplified his adventurous spirit and willingness to explore the outdoors.
– His passion for adventure was a defining aspect of his character and contributed to his legacy as a pioneer in outdoor exploration.

Financial Empire and Business Ventures:
– Pittock was a partner in the first paper mill in the Northwest in 1866 and co-founded the Columbia River Paper Co. in 1884.
– He expanded his business interests to include investments in banks, real estate, transportation, and logging.
– Pittock built the iconic Pittock Mansion in 1909, which remains a public-owned landmark.
– His estate was valued at $7,894,778.33 upon his death in 1919, equivalent to $139 million today, highlighting his success as a businessman and entrepreneur.

Legacy and Contributions:
– Pittock’s legacy includes co-founding Willamette Industries, Inc., a forestry company, and the Harkins Transportation Company.
– He left a lasting impact on the newspaper industry and the development of Portland, Oregon.
– References and sources like obituaries, biographies, and historical accounts provide insights into Pittock’s life, achievements, and contributions to society.
– His influence extended beyond his business ventures, encompassing his role as a pioneer in mountain climbing and his dedication to outdoor exploration.

Henry Pittock (Wikipedia)

Henry Lewis Pittock (March 1, 1835 (some sources cite 1836) – January 28, 1919) was an English-born American pioneer, publisher, newspaper editor, and wood and paper magnate. He was active in Republican politics and Portland, Oregon civic affairs, and was a Freemason and an avid outdoorsman. He is frequently referred to as the founder of The Oregonian, although it was an existing weekly before he reestablished it as the state's preeminent daily newspaper.

Henry Pittock
Pittock c. 1861
Henry Lewis Pittock

March 1, 1835 (some sources cite 1836)
London, England
DiedJanuary 28, 1919 (aged 82 or 83)
  • Publisher
  • businessperson
(m. 1860)
Children9 (6 surviving to adulthood)

Pittock Mansion, a Renaissance revival mansion built by Pittock for himself and his wife, is a museum chronicling his and his family's roles in the development of Portland.

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