Genealogy tourism

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– Genealogy tourism peaked in Ireland in 2000 with 116,000 visitors.
– Scottish Tourist Board stopped recording genealogy visitors in 2004.
– Scotland organized a homecoming festival in 2009 to attract genealogy tourists.
– Central Europe sees high genealogy tourism due to World War II migrations.
– Jewish genealogy tourism is on the rise in Central Europe.

– African Americans visited traditional African homelands after “Roots” in 1976.
– Popular destinations include Cape Coast, Elmina, Goree Island, Juffureh, and Bahia.
– African governments promote tourism for diaspora Africans.
– Ghana hosts events like the Pan-African Historical Theatre Festival.
– Ghana attracted diaspora Africans through the African African-American summit in 1999.

– Genealogy tourists trace ancestral lineages.
– Digital access to historical records aids in genealogy tourism.
– DNA studies help identify ancestors’ homelands.
– Genealogy tourism has seen a rise in participation.
– An increasing number of people are exploring their ancestral roots.

See also:
– Birthright Armenia is a program for diaspora Armenians.
– Birthright Israel offers trips to Israel for young Jewish adults.
– Door of Return symbolizes reconnection with African roots.
– Year of Return in Ghana was a 2019 initiative to attract diaspora Africans.
– Various initiatives promote cultural and ancestral connections.

– Feng & Page explored the tourism-migration-immigration nexus.
– Tomczewska-Popowycz & Taras reviewed Roots tourism terminology.
– Bord Fáilte’s Genealogy Facts 2000 reported data on genealogy tourism.
– Clarke discussed Roots tourism and ethnic heritage institutionalization.
– Santana Pinho analyzed African-American roots tourism in Brazil.

Genealogy tourism (Wikipedia)

Genealogy tourism, sometimes called roots tourism, is a segment of the tourism market consisting of tourists who have ancestral connections to their holiday destination. These genealogy tourists travel to the land of their ancestors to reconnect with their past and "walk in the footsteps of their forefathers".

Genealogy tourism is a worldwide industry, although it is more prominent in countries that have experienced mass emigration at some time in history and thus have a large worldwide diaspora community.

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