Eddie Bauer (outdoorsman)

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Early Life and Background:
– Born in 1899 on Orcas Island, Washington
– Explored Pacific Northwest outdoors from a young age
– Parents of German ancestry who immigrated to Seattle from Russia
– Father worked in various roles like orchard manager and carpenter
– Learned fishing and hunting at a young age
– Left school at 13 to start working

Career and Entrepreneurship:
– Started Eddie Bauer’s Tennis Shop in 1920
– Shifted focus to outfitting outdoorsmen
– Developed products through backcountry experience
– Patented the Skyliner, the first down jacket in America
– Offered an unconditional guarantee on all products
– Field-tested products for quality and performance
– Established Wanapum Kennels in 1960 for breeding champion Labrador retrievers

World War II Contributions:
– Designed cold weather gear for military use
– Manufactured 50,000 cold weather suits and 200,000 sleeping bags
– Contributed to the Aleutian Islands Campaign
– Played a key role in the war effort with down-insulated gear

Expedition Outfitting and Achievements:
– Created down-insulated gear for climbers
– Developed the Kara Koram Parka for K2 expedition
– Gear used on historic expeditions like the first American Everest ascent
– Known for high-quality, cold weather gear
– Played a pivotal role in the Golden Age of Himalayan Mountaineering
– Achieved the conquest of Annapurna, an 8000-meter peak

Legacy and Impact:
– Pioneered the use of down garments in outdoor gear
– Developed Blizzard Proof Pure Down Products
– Recognized as Retriever Breeder of the Year
– Significant contributions to the outdoor gear industry
– Enduring legacy through the Eddie Bauer brand
– Influence on outdoor gear design, climbers, and adventurers
– Promotion of outdoor activities and literature.

Eddie Bauer (October 19, 1899 – April 18, 1986) was an American outdoorsman, inventor, author, and businessman. He founded the Eddie Bauer company to sell tennis-related items in Seattle, Washington in 1920. From a rented workbench inside another man's shop, it grew to become an international brand outfitting mountaineering and scientific expeditions with down-insulated garments and sleeping bags.

Eddie Bauer
BornOctober 19, 1899
DiedApril 18, 1986(1986-04-18) (aged 86)
Occupation(s)Founder, inventor, outfitter
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