Clay Perry

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– Born in 1887 in Waupaca, Wisconsin
– Moved to western Massachusetts as a young man
– Worked for the Federal Writers Project in the 1930s
– Known as an amateur caver and writer on caves of New England
– Credited with coining the term spelunker in the 1940s

– “Underground New England” published in 1939
– “New England’s Buried Treasure” published in 1946
– “Underground Empire: Wonders and Tales of New York Caves” published in 1948

– Died in 1961 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts

– Known for his writings on caves in New England and northeastern US
– Coined the term spelunker
– Author of light verse on Israel Bissell
– Contributions to historical lore overshadowed by Paul Revere
– Remembered for his works on underground exploration

– Perry’s works shed light on the underground world of New England
– Added to the understanding of caves in the region
– Helped popularize the term spelunker
– Contributed to the preservation of cave exploration history
– Inspired future generations of cave enthusiasts

Clay Perry (Wikipedia)

Clair Willard Perry (1887–1961), called Clay Perry, was an American writer and outdoorsman. He coined the term "spelunker".

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