Clare Marie Hodges

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Early Life:
– Clare Marie Hodges was born in Santa Cruz in 1890.
– Visited Yosemite Valley at age 14 on a 4-day horse-riding trip with her family.
– Attended and graduated from the San Jose Normal School.
– Contributed to the herbarium at the school.
– President of the literary society and authored Songs of the Trail.

– Career:
– Started teaching at the Yosemite Valley School in 1916.
– Applied to become a park ranger due to shortage of male rangers during WWI.
– Conducted mounted patrols through the park.
– Delivered the park’s gate receipts on horseback.
– Served as a ranger from May 22 to September 7, 1918.

– Personal Life:
– Married Peter Wolfsen, a Mariposa cattle rancher.
– Active in the Mariposa community guiding groups in Yosemite.
– Both were active at Camp Wawona, operated by the Seventh-Day Advent Church.
– Became the camp’s first naturalist.
– Passed away in 1980 at age 89, honored with a nature trail in Mariposa.

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– Further Reading:
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Clare Marie Hodges (Wikipedia)

Clare Marie Hodges (1890–1970) was one of the first paid female rangers for the National Park Service, working at Yosemite National Park.

Clare Marie Hodges
Other namesClare Marie Wolfsen
Employer(s)Yosemite Valley School and National Park Service
SpousePeter Wolfsen
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