Beryl Markham

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**Early Life and Relationships:**
– Born in Ashwell, England to Charles Baldwin Clutterbuck.
– Moved to Kenya at a young age and developed a passion for horses.
– Married three times and had a son named Gervase.
– Engaged in affairs with Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, and Edward, Prince of Wales.
– Learned to fly with the assistance of Tom Campbell Black.

**Aviation Achievements:**
– Completed a solo flight across the Atlantic in 1936.
– Became the first person to fly non-stop from Europe to North America.
– Crash-landed in Nova Scotia due to fuel starvation.
– Authored the memoir ‘West with the Night’ in 1942.
– Returned to Kenya in 1952.

**Rediscovery and Recognition:**
– Memoir gained prominence in 1982 after praise from Ernest Hemingway.
– Book was reissued in 1983, leading to Markham being acknowledged as a significant author.
– Initially found living in poverty in Kenya but later achieved financial stability.
– A documentary about her life aired in 1986.
– Passed away in Nairobi in 1986, with posthumous recognition of her works.

**Authorship Controversy:**
– Debate arose regarding the true authorship of ‘West with the Night.’
– Third husband claimed authorship, but evidence supported Markham as the sole author.
– Author Mary S. Lovell confirmed Markham as the primary author.
– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry mentioned as another potential influence.
– Lovell’s research backed Markham’s authorship.

**Representation in Popular Culture and Legacy:**
– Portrayed in the film ‘Out of Africa’ (1985) and TV films like ‘Beryl Markham: A Shadow on the Sun’ (1988).
– Character Emma Fitzgerald in ‘Heat of the Sun’ (1998) seemed inspired by Markham.
– Novel ‘Circling the Sun’ (2015) based on Markham’s life.
– The impact crater ‘Markham’ on Venus named after her.
– Various books and sources provide insights into Beryl Markham’s life and achievements.

Beryl Markham (Wikipedia)

Beryl Markham (born Clutterbuck; 26 October 1902 – 3 August 1986) was a Kenyan aviator born in England (one of the first bush pilots), adventurer, racehorse trainer and author. She was the first person to fly solo, non-stop across the Atlantic from Britain to North America. She wrote about her adventures in her memoir, West with the Night.

Beryl Markham
Markham in 1936
Markham in 1936
BornBeryl Clutterbuck
26 October 1902
Ashwell, Rutland, England
Died3 August 1986(1986-08-03) (aged 83)
Nairobi, Kenya
OccupationWriter, pilot, horse trainer
Notable worksWest with the Night
Jock Purves
(m. 1919, unknown)
(m. 1927; div. 1942)
Raoul Schumacher
(m. 1942; div. 1960)
ChildrenGervase Markham
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