Arlene Blum

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**Early Life and Climbing Achievements:**
– Born in Davenport, Iowa, raised in Chicago by Orthodox Jewish mother and grandparents.
– Attended Reed College in the early 1960s, climbed Mount Adams in Washington during college.
– Graduated from Reed in 1966, earned a PhD in biophysical chemistry in 1971.
– Part of the first all-woman team to ascend Alaska’s Denali in 1970.
– Deputy leader for the Denali ascent.
– Led expeditions to Annapurna and Bhrigupanth in the Indian Himalayas.
– Attempted the Great Himalayan Traverse from Bhutan to India.

**Science Policy Work and Advocacy:**
– Contributed to regulating cancer-causing chemicals in children’s sleepwear.
– Founded the Green Science Policy Institute in 2007.
– Led campaigns against toxic chemicals, especially halogenated flame retardants.
– Published articles on science policy in renowned publications.
– Taught at Stanford University, Wellesley College, and UC Berkeley.

**Green Science Policy Institute Projects:**
– Creating safer standards for bedding materials, furniture, and baby products.
– Informing architects and builders about alternatives to toxic chemicals in buildings.
– Collaborating with Chinese experts to raise awareness on chemical-flame-retardant industry.
– Researching toxic chemical exposure in specific worker groups.

**Writing, Awards, and Recognition:**
– Book ‘Annapurna: A Woman’s Place’ recognized by Fortune Magazine and National Geographic Adventure Magazine.
– Award-winning memoir ‘Breaking Trail: A Climbing Life’.
– Received awards like the Purpose Prize and a Gold Medal from the Society of Woman Geographers.
– Founder of the Berkeley Himalayan Fair and the Burma Village Assistance Project.
– Inducted into the American Alpine Club’s Hall of Mountaineering Excellence in 2012.

**Publications and Miscellaneous Contributions:**
– Publications include ‘Annapurna, a Woman’s Place’ and ‘Characterizing streamflow variability’.
– Involved in banning TRIS-treated garments and environmental activism.
– External links to official websites and interviews.
– Miscellaneous content related to Arlene Blum’s mission, goals, and profile.

Arlene Blum (Wikipedia)

Arlene Blum (born March 1, 1945) is an American mountaineer, writer, and environmental health scientist. She is best known for leading the first successful American ascent of Annapurna (I), a climb that was also an all-woman ascent. She led the first all-woman ascent of Denali ("Denali Damsels" expedition), and was the first American woman to attempt Mount Everest. She is Executive Director of the Green Science Policy Institute.[citation needed]

Arlene Blum
Arlene Blum at a 1977 fundraiser in Berkeley, CA, for her 1978 climbing expedition
Born (1945-03-01) March 1, 1945 (age 79)
EducationReed College, BA
University of California, Berkeley, PhD
Occupation(s)Mountaineer, writer,
Environmental health scientist
Known forLeading first American and also all-woman ascent of Annapurna
Environmental health research
Notable workAnnapurna: A Woman's Place
Breaking Trail: A Climbing Life
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