All Hands and hearts

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**Organizational Background and Merger**:
– All Hands Volunteers and Happy Hearts Fund merged in 2015 after the Nepal earthquake.
– Led by David Campbell and Petra Nemcova around the Smart Response motto.
– Formed All Hands and Hearts in fall 2017.
– Focus on addressing immediate and long-term needs of disaster-impacted communities.
– Rebuilding schools and homes in a disaster-resilient manner.

**Volunteer-Powered Disaster Relief**:
– Inspired by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.
– All Hands Volunteers founded by David Campbell for disaster responses.
– Earned a 4-Star Rating by Charity Navigator and top ratings from other organizations.
– Operated both domestically and internationally for over 15 years.
– Met Petra Nemcova during earthquake responses in Peru in 2007.

**Disaster-Resilient Schools and Global Impact**:
– Happy Hearts Fund founded by Petra Nemcova after surviving the 2004 tsunami.
– Objective to rebuild safe, resilient schools in disaster-affected areas.
– Rebuilt 171 schools in ten countries.
– Focus on global communities impacted by disasters.
– Early first response efforts and long-lasting impact on communities worldwide.

**Future Goals and Vision**:
– Addressing immediate and long-term needs of disaster-impacted communities.
– Expanding reach globally and enhancing disaster-resilient rebuilding practices.
– Commitment to efficient and effective disaster relief.
– Vision to create a more resilient world through community-driven efforts.
– Maintaining a reputation for effective disaster response.

**Community Empowerment and Involvement**:
– Petra Nemcova actively involved in establishing structure, vision, and strategy.
– Mission to provide aid, empowerment, and hope to affected communities.
– Focus on fostering resilience and hope in disaster-stricken areas.
– Volunteers crucial in rebuilding efforts and creating stronger communities.
– Encouragement to volunteer with Happy Hearts Fund to make a meaningful contribution.

Official Site – All Hands and Hearts | Volunteer-Powered Disaster Relief

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