Akwaaba African Travel Market

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SUBTOPIC=Event Overview
– Exhibitions, conference, workshops, and awards
– Frequency: Annually
– Location(s): Lagos, Nigeria
– Years active: 2005-present
– Participants: African countries, airlines, hotels, resorts, tourism boards, national parks, transport companies, destination marketers, travel and tour operators

SUBTOPIC=Event Significance
– Platform for trade and networking
– First travel market in West Africa
– Aimed at businesses, investors, governments decision-makers, and buyers
– Showcases products in Africa and worldwide
– Provides business opportunities and industry news

SUBTOPIC=Event Growth
– Inaugurated in 2005 with Ghana and Sao Tome as participants
– Over the years, grew to over 20 participating countries
– Approximately 10,000 attendance
– Partnerships with Africa countries’ tourism boards, UNWTO, ATA, IATA, and more
– Organizer quoted on the fair’s impact on Nigeria and Africa tourism markets

– South Africa used the event to boost tourist arrivals from Nigeria
– Lagos State endorsed the event as the official travel event
– Partnership with IATA for an Aviation Day edition
– Introduced the Jollof rice war to brand West Africa
– Jollof rice war made the West African Jollof rice a culinary tourism attraction

– Various media outlets have covered the event
– Akwaaba African Travel Market recognized as a significant show
– Partnerships and collaborations with different organizations and entities
– Lagos State government’s involvement and support
– Impact on tourism and cultural exchange documented and acknowledged

Akwaaba African Travel Market (AFTM) is an international travel, tourism and hospitality event organized annually in Lagos, Nigeria aimed at businesses, investors, governments decision - makers and buyers in the industry, providing business opportunities, industry news and showcasing products in Africa and around the world. It serves as a platform to trade and network. Akwaaba African Travel Market is the first travel market in West Africa.

Akwaaba African Travel Market
Where Africa meets the world
GenreExhibitions, conference, workshops and awards.
Location(s)Lagos, Nigeria
Years active2005- present
ParticipantsAfrican countries, airlines, hotels, resorts, tourism boards, national parks, transport companies, destination marketers, travel and tour operators
Organized byAkwaaba Travel Market Limited

The first Akwaaba African Travel Market (AFTM) was held in Lagos in 2005.

In 2005, from the participation of two countries, Ghana and Sao Tome, coming to Nigeria for the event in the debut year in 2005, the event has grown over the years with increasing number of active exhibitors within and outside Africa, with over 20 participating countries, about 10,000 attendance and having partnerships with Africa countries tourism boards, World Tourism Organization UNWTO, Africa Travel Association (ATA), Kwanza Trade Marketing of Dubai, African Business Travel Association (ABTA), International Tourism Trade Fair Association (ITTFA) and International Air Transport Association (IATA).

As quoted by Akwaaba African Travel Market organizer, Ikechi Uko: "The fair has opened the door to Nigeria and Africa tourism markets and served as a platform for exchange of cultural and tourism potentials among participating countries".

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